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How We Can Help You?

These are a few services we offer to store managers.

Store Security

Firewall setup and rules for preventing attacks.


Solutions to reduce chargedbacks and fraud.


Solutions to reduce bots spam and comments on your website.

Email delivrability

We help to make sure your transactional and marketing emails reach the inbox.


Increase conversions on your website with Conversion Rate Optimization.

Store Setup

We setup a WooCommerce store with all the bells and whistles.

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I was getting a lot of spam on my store and it was very slow. We are a small business that relies on SEO and that hurt our rankings. Alex was super helpful with the setup and our problems were solved pretty fast.
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Helen M.
The Vintage Clothing Store
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WooCommerce Hosting Advice for Small Stores

There’s a lot of debates when it comes to hosting and everyone has an opinion about it. I’ve used tens of hosting companies so far and the differences between them are not that big. Pricing usually makes the difference and the cheap ones oversell. So if you want your WooCommerce shop to be fast, don’t

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Small Tweaks to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

First time I’ve learned and applied an eCommerce conversion tip was in 2008 when I read about color psychology in eCommerce and how it can influence buying behavior, basically the color pallet on your website can influence the conversion rate. What I did at that time was to change the color of our “add to

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