Metrics for eCommerce, Checkout Fields and WooCommerce 4.4

Hi there Woocommerce users and fans, this is the 4th edition of this simple newsletter, hope you enjoy the content.

Metrics For your E-Commerce Store

However good you think your gut feeling is, data should be your source of decision making when it comes to marketing, growing your store, making changes, or fixing what is not working. I’ve made some really stupid mistakes by not looking at the information I had in our analytics account and took the wrong decisions. Here are 19 analytics tips you should be knowing about and check regularly.

Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Plugin Short Review

I’ve been using this plugin for a while now, as it’s really easy to use. Why am I using it? Because depending on the products that were sold there was a different need in the information to collect from the website. The free one does a great job, I also used the paid version for a couple of websites when I needed to tweak some of the fields.

One example of using it is making the email field the first field on the checkout page. I am using this along with the Jilt integration to make sure if someone leaves without paying I can send them the cart recovery sequence and win back at least a few of the lost customers.

Another example is to remove fields I don’t need when selling digital products as there is nothing to ship I won’t collect the full address, a lot of the times the country was enough. Careful here and have some good fraud protection rules on your merchant account. Also, measure the conversion rate before and after if you change these fields.

WooCommerce 4.4 is out

This is a minor release with a few fixes but here is an interesting one, the coupon management is now in the marketing section of WooCommerce.

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