Email Hosting, Urgency Led Campaigns Plugin and Scarcity Examples

Don’t host your email with your website

Something to think about when you are building your store and technology stack is what happens when your website fails? You have to have different redundancies in place and one of them is email.

Many online entrepreneurs at the beginning buy hosting plans that include emails as well. This is due to a lack of knowledge, price, and maybe the hassle to deal with setting up the email as well. So when your website is down they won’t be able to access their email.

If your email accounts are hosted somewhere else, you can still talk to your clients, offer support, or at least a way to talk to you in private, other than social media.  A good and cheap email hosting is Rackspace($3/m/user), Google Suite, Office365 are great but there are others out there that are really ok.

Finale Plugin Quick Review

If you are planning your end of summer campaigns and you don’t know what plugin to use, have a look at Finale.

It’s an easy way to create urgency-led campaigns, simple to use, with some great features:

  • Run flash sales that are recurring
  • Cart discounts with automatic coupons
  • Attention-Grabbing Sticky Header/Footer

I used it on a couple of websites and it does work, I really liked the way it will apply coupons for certain products. Let me know if it works for you.

Examples of Promotions and Scarcity Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking for some examples on how to use scarcity and probably the plugin above, I found this great article that has some great examples of what and how to implement your campaigns.

I hope you found the information useful as I am looking to provide both information from my own experiences and also to be applicable. Being interesting is not my goal, but to be useful.

Have a lovely day,