Exit-intent popups, Mailerlite, Disable Coupons and WooCommerce 4.3 preview

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  • Exit-intent technology and why you should use it
  • Why we use Mailerlite for marketing and automations
  • Disable your coupon field
  • A quick preview on WooCommerce 4.3

Exit-intent technology

Ever wondered how exit technology works? You know, the pop-up that shows up when you are ready to close the page on some websites.

Basically it is a javascript that once loaded on the website is monitoring and tracking the mouse movements and clicks of the visitors. So when the visitor is trying to close the website it will trigger a popup with an offer or a lead magnet.

This is a highly effective way to improve conversion rates(10-15% improvement) on abandoning site visitors. It’s something every shop should have and really works well when set up correctly.

Are you using it in your store? If not I recommend Hustle, a free plugin that works great for all types of popups with tons of integrations.

Mailerlite short review

I’ve been using Mailerlite for about 6 months and it’s a good marketing software if you are on the look for a cheaper Mailchimp alternative. It’s fairly easy to use and setup, and it has its own plugin to integrate with WooCommerce. I found it somehow doesn’t work out of the box for older versions (we are quite behind a few versions of WooCommerce, to be honest). It does integrate with the Hustle plugin mentioned above and that helps a lot.

Once you integrate Mailerlite with WooCommerce you can set up a lot of automations, send welcome emails, abandoned carts, and create drip-campaigns that work great. Our automation campaigns generate around 10% of our orders every month on autopilot.

What I find lacking is the reports, I wish it had more insights.

Disable your coupon field

A great strategy to increase your sales and reduce the coupons your customers use, also affiliates that don’t bring value to your store is to disable the coupon field, in this article you can find a few strategies to how to implement this in your store.

My favorite strategy is to use the coupons in url’s.

A quick preview of WooCommerce 4.3

This article shows some new features of the upcoming version of WooCommerce, a new homepage, stats, store management etc.

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