The Difference of Buy Now vs Add to Cart Buttons

Depending on what kind of product you are selling one of the two options might be more appropriate. As always testing the hypothesis must be done to make sure we made the right decision. The difference: – Add to cart: I press the button and it adds the product to cart and sometimes it redirects […]

Your Website Security Starts with You

When you think about your website security you think about the code or CMS, you think about the server where is hosted or the company that manages it. But most of the hacks are actually made due to poor security of those who own the website and have the credentials, and that is you. Protecting […]

Small Tweaks to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

First time I’ve learned and applied an eCommerce conversion tip was in 2008 when I read about color psychology in eCommerce and how it can influence buying behavior, basically the color pallet on your website can influence the conversion rate. What I did at that time was to change the color of our “add to […]

Why You Need an External SMTP Server on your WooCommerce Shop

Your WooCommerce sends a lot of emails, to the customer when signs up for an account or when a order is placed. It also sends different emails to you the store owner to let you know about orders, customers or other things. These emails are called Transactional Emails: “A transactional email is a type of […]

How to Display Categories on the Shop Page on WooCommerce

You can display categories on the shop page in WooCommerce by enabling this setting in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog>¬†Shop page display setting and chose from the dropdown: – Show products – Show categories – Show categories and products   The other way is via shortcodes, taken from the WooCommerce website as […]

How to Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks on Your Store

Fraud on online shops is growing every year and it’s something you need to concern yourself, make sure you protect your store and also your customers. Every fraudulent transaction on your store will cost you money, once because you have to refund the money and pay the chargeback fee. “Fraud losses on UK-issued cards totalled […]

How to Host WordPress in a Subdirectory on Another Server with ServerPilot and AWS

If you want to host your blog or another app in a subdirectory on the same domain but a different server and make sure your servers are not affected by each other either by traffic spikes, errors or anything that might come up this is the setup for you. This is something I wanted to […]

Simple Guide on How to Optimize your WooCommerce Store Speed

Speed in eCommerce is a must and if your website loads slowly you are losing customers. You want to decrease your page load and make your customers happy but also Google because page load time is a ranking SEO factor. Your website speed is not the score you get from google page speed or gtmetrix, […]