Sell more, Speed for your WooCommerce store, New WP 5.5

Sell more with CA$HVERTISING

I am reading a great book about writing copy that sells, Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman.

The book is full of practical advice and psychological “tricks” you can use to write better copy for your website or for your ads to help you convert more visitors into customers. I highly recommend the book as it’s easy to go through it and its practicality is proven.

Speedy WooCommerce Store

If you run a WooCommerce store with over 10.000 products, the speed of the store will slowly start to be an issue. The more orders, clients, and products you add the website will feel more sluggish. My experience with making WooCommerce faster is to setup Scalability Pro and WP-Rocket. This combination made wonders for a couple of my slower stores without having to increase the size of my servers, so a good investment.

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine”

The new WordPress is out, have a look at the latest and greatest features here. What caught my eye is this:

Auto-updates for Plugins and Themes

Now you can set plugins and themes to update automatically — or not! — in the WordPress admin. So you always know your site is running the latest code available.

Will have to test and see how this works.

Have a lovely Wednesday,